Retry policy configuration

After a query fails the driver might decide to retry it based on its Retry Policy and the query itself. Retry policy can be configured for Session or just for a single query.

Retry policies

By default there are two retry policies:

It's possible to implement a custom Retry Policy by implementing the traits RetryPolicy and RetrySession.

Query idempotence

A query is idempotent if it can be applied multiple times without changing the result of the initial application

Specifying that a query is idempotent increases the chances that it will be retried in case of failure. Idempotent queries can be retried in situations where retrying non idempotent queries would be dangerous.

Idempotence has to be specified manually, the driver is not able to figure it out by itself.

fn main() {
extern crate scylla;
use scylla::Session;
use std::error::Error;
async fn check_only_compiles(session: &Session) -> Result<(), Box<dyn Error>> {
use scylla::query::Query;
use scylla::prepared_statement::PreparedStatement;

// Specify that a Query is idempotent
let mut my_query: Query = Query::new("SELECT a FROM");

// Specify that a PreparedStatement is idempotent
let mut prepared: PreparedStatement = session
    .prepare("SELECT a FROM")